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Enjoy my art! One of my one of a kind belt buckles featuring St Joseph and his prayer.

I find much of my inspiration comes from personal experience. After all, to convey some of my thoughts and ideas I most likely would have had to experience them to get a full understanding and express my thoughts through my own words to get a message to you from what I know and understand to ‘be’. 

I have mentioned before that the true undeniable fact of getting spiritually strong takes much practice. I have been praying and meditating for many years now. I am glad I started when I did, but knowing now what strength it has given me in so many areas of my life, I wish I started sooner. To pray, to get more ‘tuned in’ to the universe and God and all things spiritual gives you such a clear sense of what is important, how to proceed and where to turn to get guidance and help.

I was inspired to write about a frightening experience I had back in 2008 on a flight that had to have an emergency landing. We hear about emergency landings all the time. Many are a change in flight plans, something happening on board that causes a reroute like a medical emergency …. not many of them are a full on emergency situations in which the crew is so rattled, they can’t even speak and go through the emergency crash procedures with you. This was the kind of emergency landing I was in.

The cabin phone rang (I was in row 5). The flight attendant picked it up and turned white. Said a few words and hung up the phone trembling uncontrollably. Fumes filled the cabin and the announcements start … The attendants were going up and down the aisle “When we yell brace… Cross your hands in front of you clasping the seat or grab your knees.” In a panicked state the 2  attendants walked up and down the aisles repeating this over the course of the event about three times. I’m sure they were on auto drive, in a hyper sensitive state thinking this would never happen … The plane was surprisingly silent, except for a baby crying. It is remarkable to see how people react in extreme situations …. The hollywood version I’m sure would depict screaming and crying… and people demanding to know what is going on. But in real life, all was quite except for the repetition of the emergency drill from the attendants.

I don’t know what passengers were thinking. We were on the way to the Ft Lauderdale airport and had to land in the first airport right inside Florida from Newark. It was a good twenty-five minutes before we touched ground from the initial announcement. As soon as you can see the runway, fire trucks and ambulances lined the path awaiting our arrival. Although, at the time and judging by the panic in the faces of our attendants, we did not think we were going to arrive.

Through this ordeal, I remember as clear as it happened yesterday, I was thinking…’This is not happening. This is not happening today. It’s not the time. I have a future ahead of me and I have kids that I’m going to have and my whole life did not include this in it’s plans.’ I just close my eyes and breathed. People around me were crying silently and I’m sure …. praying. I knew this was not going to happen to me today. I told the woman next to me it is OK all is going to be fine.

Well, we landed and firemen entered the plane then they finally let us off after they checked the plane … no explanation… no direction. They said a bus would be waiting for us to take us to our destination.

Well, I was there for a business trip one day meeting and flying back to NJ that evening… They didn’t even give us the option to board another carrier to finish our flight. Well, that was me and my hostility of this event ….

My point in sharing this with you was during the actual event, I knew in my heart that I had more to do here and my mission was not completed.

I knew my guidance and direction. My purpose and mission were concrete in my soul. If I had not prayed and built my spiritual core up, what would I have clung too at this time of extreme fear?

People were in the terminal crying and on the floor on their knees, punching the wall … this in fact was a very near death experience for many people that lasted almost a half an hour.

I am grateful to the pilots who got us on the ground safely, but for the crew who was aware of the seriousness and could not control their primal fear of the possibility of dying that day, made me feel horrible for those who were not ready for this in their lives.

Are you prepared to face the unknown? You think you have issues on the daily basis. Bills, small health issues, family and friend issues… Are you dealing with an unexpected extreme event? Do you feel helpless… I mean HELPLESS? Being on a plane in the middle of the sky and you’re not driving, that’s prime ‘helpless’ right there sister/brother! If you do feel helpless one day, how will you handle it? I know that my foundation through prayer, faith and believing that my future would be what I had envisioned it to be, was the rock. My belief in God delivering me the blessings that he instilled in my heart through my faith,was my hope that got me through that event.

Since I don’t consider myself a writer, I just supply you with my inspirations… My vocabulary cannot convey the ‘peaceful terror’ of this situation. The fact that a plane that was two-thirds full was quiet and calm cannot illustrate (by hollywood standards) the sheer terror that possessed the passengers this day and perhaps for long after.

Well, that’s my story. Even writing this I got real shook up and started to cry. I was scary indeed. Thankfully I know God and I have faith. So my other everyday issues are a breeze. Nothing is permanent. Solutions exist. Life goes on. My day can be filled with gratitude or complaining about what I don’t have. The choice is mine. I decided that day that I was going to arrive safely. I did.

This is not only a blog, but a group initiative to pray and pass on blessings! Read my first post to find out how you can get involved and be part of this mission to spread love:


Creating positive energy means removal of toxins; this includes people. Please enjoy my handpainted 'Energy' tank top as you read this post 🙂

How do we create a more harmonious space for ourselves? How do we find peace and serenity in a world filled with noise, pollution and toxins? I have to admit, I spend a lot of time alone meditating and praying and I am very blessed to have the environment to practice my prayer and well-being in. This is where I get my messages and feel a sense of peace, calm and guidance. I do thank God for the space I am provided with so I can practice being a better person through my spiritual connection.

What if you don’t have that space due to your environment. I admit it makes it much more difficult. I can suggest to you to go to a park,wake up early before anyone else rises or find a vacant space to meditate and pray in. Is it possible? Can you find that place to connect to spirit and be at peace? If we search we can all find a little nook. This is vital. To really connect and free yourself of the agitating stresses around you are, peace calm and a positive vibe is paramount in achieving a successful meditation and prayer session.

I would like to address one toxin in particular in this post. This is the worst one of all because it is ever-changing and hard to escape; a toxic person.

Sometime we feel guilty for them as we are being manipulated. Sometimes we are the ones that make ourselves feel that we need to be there for them since they always have an issue. Health, money, family, work, etc. I want you to understand I’m not talking about someone who is calling you once in  blue moon to talk about an issue or crossroad in their life, and then you have a hundred more positive communications with them. In fact it is a most divine blessing when our loved ones call upon us to seek guidance and we can genuinely help them.  I am talking about someone who you have come to know as always looking at the negative side of things; one who is always sick or complaining; nothing is ever their fault; they never seem to make good decisions; talks about themselves all the time and never once asks how you are and if they do berates your decisions and blames you for being in your situation. The list goes on, but you get the idea of my definition of a toxic person.

Do not be duped by the ability these toxic people have to manipulate you. They may appear to be weak, helpless, alone, suffering from some illness the comes up when convenient. The good news for these  toxic folks is God has given us the great gift of being blessed to help ourselves! Yahoo!  Yet these people need to vampire your strong, healthy spirit to build themselves up. These relationships must be eliminated from your life. You can pray for someone all you want, but if they are not receiving your prayers you must say good-bye to them with love and know it is between them and God. You cannot heal them. You can give them the spiritual medicine but if they do not take it, you cannot continue treating their illness of ‘toxicity’ as they suck you dry.

Some relationships, especially with family, are very hard to walk away from. You need to make a decision. Does this person bring you down and not make you feel your spiritual best? Are they ever receptive to your good intention? If this is chronic, you must let them go with love. Don’t argue. Bless them with finding the most benevolent resolution for their issues. Be open to the idea they will be enlightened and be back one day.

Do not feed the fire. The more ‘wood’ (all of your good intention) you put in will be consumed by the ‘fire’ (their issues, negativity, anger, etc.)  They must seek their happiness through themselves. Their healing through themselves. Your job is to be strong, spiritual and divinely connected so you can spread positive energy and blessings to those who need it most and have gratitude for your blessings. You are a walking, radiating white light wherever you go. The people around you who are receptive to your shining blessed spirit, despite their circumstances, will feel your good energy. When you have nothing dragging you down, your positive energy will only multiply and crate ripples of peace, love and joy.

Fill the world with positive spirit. Be blessed and pass blessings to all you encounter. Pray and seek the answers on cleansing your life of all negativity. Be vigilant of the negative energy, vampires and toxic people looking to bring you down and steer clear my friends!

If you would like to join the pray and pass on a Fatima Rosary ~ The Blessings Go Round Initiative ~ Please click this link to my first post:


Have a blessed day filled with love, joy, abundance and guidance 🙂

Hello! This is my first post and wanted to introduce you to what this blog is about.
We are all familiar with ‘pay it forward’ … When something good is done for you as an act of kindness and to spread the positive energy you do a random act of kindness for someone else? I’m sure you are familiar.  Well for those that know me and as you get to know me, I am a very positive person whose motto is ‘Blessed’  I am truly most blessed, as we all are, but sometimes we forget to give thanks for all of our blessings.
I wanted to start an initiative, quite crude admittedly, of my own to ‘pay a blessing forward’ and to spread awareness and inspiration.
I have been living in New Jersey all my life and recently have been between Portugal and NJ. I was introduced to Fatima, Portugal. My background is Catholic, but as all who know me, I care more about spirituality, and giving thanks to a greater power than conforming to a strict religious set of rules. I follow my heart when it comes to worship and feel that is the most natural way. When I personally pray I do so to Jesus, Mary and some select saints. I act as a good person who believes in Karma, and do unto others as you have them do unto you. I just wanted to clarify that before I move forward so you see where I’m coming from. As long as your energy and prayer it’s coming from a positive place, religion is not relevant.
Duly, this is not a place to rant about religion and views and who is right or wrong … after all Spirituality is exactly the opposite  – NOT to judge.
That being said, my initiative here is to disperse 10 rosaries I purchased in Fatima Portugal, a place where miracles happen and where people come from all corners of the globe to have their prayers answered.

Fatima, Portugal

Personally, I find the most peace when I pray and meditate completely alone than attending a very commercialized place of worship (again, just my personal feelings). I get the most out of my prayers and meditation when I really feel connected to the divine … and even get messages. I’m sure many of you – if you are still reading – feel the same.
As for these 10 rosaries, I will send them to the first 10 requests. All I ask is that you pray on it and pray until you feel you are connected to what you are asking for. Once you have prayed and sent out your request to the universe, this may be a day, week, two weeks, month, or more please mail the rosary to the next person on my list. That’s it!

Rosaries from Fatima Portugal

How this works:
1. Post a comment at the end of this post to receive a rosary.
2. (Updated) After you have posted a comment, Email me as BlessingsGoRound@aol.com with your email, name and address. You will receive an email from me confirming your request. You wil be placed on the waiting list as all of the rosaries are in circulation right now (3/2011). Once one of the rosary beads becomes available, the next person on the waiting list will receive a rosary. I will email you to be expecting the rosary.
3. Once you have received the rosary please email me letting me know it is in your possession and begin your prayer mission.
4. Once you are ready to pass on the rosary please email me and I will send you the name and address of the next person. Please commit to mailing the rosary to the person and address I send you, this may be anywhere in the world. 
5. Once you have passed on the rosary please email me with your personal story and any updates and I will blog about it. This can be something you experienced as a result of your prayers, how you are feeling or anything you would like for me to post.  ONLY when YOU feel ready, after your experience had time to be digested, and including the information you would like the world to know about, please email me your story.
I would like to chronicle the travels of the rosaries and the lives of people who have received them.
If you have a friend or relative that would like to receive the rosary, PLEASE have them email the request and they will be put in line. It may be possible to give it to them or you may have to send the rosary to someone else and they will receive another rosary. This is the only fair way if there is a long waiting list. Please do not hand over the rosary to someone randomly, I need to keep track. Your observance of this request is appreciated.
This will be interesting and for those that believe in the power of prayer. Pray the actual rosary or however you want; Just hold it and meditate with it, pray other prayers you connect with … it’s up to you. Personally I love doing the rosary it’s calming and gets me into a very connected state. http://www.rosary-center.org/howto.htm Here is how to pray the rosary if you are not familiar.
This is just the beginning and let’s see where this goes!
Please feel free to post a comment and request a rosary below as well as email me. If you would not like a rosary you are welcome to post a comment of a positive nature. Any negative comments will be deleted … this is not the place for it.
I personally will infuse the rosaries with my best intention for the most benevolent outcome for your requested blessings to come to fruition. This is just my spiritual intent I have placed on them and not through a religious request.
May your life be filled with Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, Health and Positive Spirit.
Wishing you many Blessings!
~ Anna
My next blog post will be an introduction to the rosaries ictured above that will be the ones sent out.  Also, just learning the ropes with WordPress 🙂 Any questions please post in comments. Thank you for reading 🙂