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A Personal Interpretation of a Saint

Enjoy my original one of a kind art belt buckle with Mary and Jesus

I know many religions have Christian a roots but are so diverse but have one thing in common, Jesus being the way to salvation and heaven. I don’t study religion and as I said before not a fan of any one school of religion that I personally whole heartedly embrace in which I practice, but consider myself Catholic but more spiritual. I hope you catch my drift 🙂 It’s complicated… Anyway I know many religions who see Jesus as the savior do not accept saints or other ‘idols’ as part of what they worship because Jesus is the top banana and the only way. I agree that Jesus is the way to heaven but I also believe in saints and other important, at one time, mortals that have proven their divine gifts while on this earth as being part of a special circle of divinely blessed folks who are now Saints.

To explain myself, because I have found people who do not believe in saints and find it almost blasphemous to ‘worship’ anyone other than Jesus, here is how I break it down; Jesus is like the President and Saints are like the people directly under him who can get him the message for something specific. I can explain this as if it were a company. Jesus is the CEO and if you are having an issue with getting your products from a company you want to speak to the head of the logistics or warehouse division – because no one is helping you in customer service and the CEO can’t take every call that comes in. Get it? So I pray to certain saints for certain reasons (since they are the head of the division) and they can help to deliver my message or ‘understand’ my issue because it’s their job, so it gets resolved.

Also, I have discussed Mary (Jesus’ mother) with a few people and don’t really understand how some religions see Jesus as ‘the way’ but see Mary as almost a no one or her mother Anne. That kinda blows my mind since it’s Jesus’ mom and grandma, how can they not be holy and divine?

This is just a little brief way I try to explain what the role of a saint is or who they are when people don’t understand what they are, in my own personal way. Kind of basic and not meant to be over though, but by no means to understate the real life miracles and benevolence they have shown during their life on earth.

How are you feeling today? Grateful? Lost? Seeking your purpose? Are you looking for answers of to just spread positives vibes because YOU are so blessed? Would you like to join Blessings Go Round? We would love your energy to be part of the initiative 🙂 So as I always post the link back to my first post, here it is:

 Receive a rosary, pray and pass it on: https://blessingsgoround.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/introduction-to-blessings-go-round-how-to-receive-a-rosary-from-fatima/

Prayer Works ~ It Doesn’t Have To Be About Religion … So true!

Today I received a report of one account that one of the rosaries has been working already! I know this, you probably know that prayer works but to receive confirmation from someone who is participating in Blessings Go Round, after a week, to feel the miracles, is astonishing and blessed news. I am delighted that I have received such positive news so soon!

I have started my waiting list as well. All 10 rosary beads have been shipped off to their new homes until their temporary custodians are finished and move on to the next person to bring them divine blessings.

Pray for yourself, for loved ones, for the sake of mankind. Pray in gratitude pray for benevolence. Pray for peace, assistance, answers… Prayer, in my opinion, works. You do not need to be a religious person! You can use this as an opportunity to find your path. Just pray.

Join us and receive a rosary, pray and pass it in. You will be a part of this chain of pay it forward energy creating positive shifts in your life as well as others. Trust in prayer, miracles do happen… you must have faith and believe.

Please see my first post on how to be part of Blessings Go Round:


Life is truly beautiful! Please enjoy some of my artwork inspired by my appreciation of my blessings … ‘Life is Beautiful’.


Hello! This is my first post and wanted to introduce you to what this blog is about.
We are all familiar with ‘pay it forward’ … When something good is done for you as an act of kindness and to spread the positive energy you do a random act of kindness for someone else? I’m sure you are familiar.  Well for those that know me and as you get to know me, I am a very positive person whose motto is ‘Blessed’  I am truly most blessed, as we all are, but sometimes we forget to give thanks for all of our blessings.
I wanted to start an initiative, quite crude admittedly, of my own to ‘pay a blessing forward’ and to spread awareness and inspiration.
I have been living in New Jersey all my life and recently have been between Portugal and NJ. I was introduced to Fatima, Portugal. My background is Catholic, but as all who know me, I care more about spirituality, and giving thanks to a greater power than conforming to a strict religious set of rules. I follow my heart when it comes to worship and feel that is the most natural way. When I personally pray I do so to Jesus, Mary and some select saints. I act as a good person who believes in Karma, and do unto others as you have them do unto you. I just wanted to clarify that before I move forward so you see where I’m coming from. As long as your energy and prayer it’s coming from a positive place, religion is not relevant.
Duly, this is not a place to rant about religion and views and who is right or wrong … after all Spirituality is exactly the opposite  – NOT to judge.
That being said, my initiative here is to disperse 10 rosaries I purchased in Fatima Portugal, a place where miracles happen and where people come from all corners of the globe to have their prayers answered.

Fatima, Portugal

Personally, I find the most peace when I pray and meditate completely alone than attending a very commercialized place of worship (again, just my personal feelings). I get the most out of my prayers and meditation when I really feel connected to the divine … and even get messages. I’m sure many of you – if you are still reading – feel the same.
As for these 10 rosaries, I will send them to the first 10 requests. All I ask is that you pray on it and pray until you feel you are connected to what you are asking for. Once you have prayed and sent out your request to the universe, this may be a day, week, two weeks, month, or more please mail the rosary to the next person on my list. That’s it!

Rosaries from Fatima Portugal

How this works:
1. Post a comment at the end of this post to receive a rosary.
2. (Updated) After you have posted a comment, Email me as BlessingsGoRound@aol.com with your email, name and address. You will receive an email from me confirming your request. You wil be placed on the waiting list as all of the rosaries are in circulation right now (3/2011). Once one of the rosary beads becomes available, the next person on the waiting list will receive a rosary. I will email you to be expecting the rosary.
3. Once you have received the rosary please email me letting me know it is in your possession and begin your prayer mission.
4. Once you are ready to pass on the rosary please email me and I will send you the name and address of the next person. Please commit to mailing the rosary to the person and address I send you, this may be anywhere in the world. 
5. Once you have passed on the rosary please email me with your personal story and any updates and I will blog about it. This can be something you experienced as a result of your prayers, how you are feeling or anything you would like for me to post.  ONLY when YOU feel ready, after your experience had time to be digested, and including the information you would like the world to know about, please email me your story.
I would like to chronicle the travels of the rosaries and the lives of people who have received them.
If you have a friend or relative that would like to receive the rosary, PLEASE have them email the request and they will be put in line. It may be possible to give it to them or you may have to send the rosary to someone else and they will receive another rosary. This is the only fair way if there is a long waiting list. Please do not hand over the rosary to someone randomly, I need to keep track. Your observance of this request is appreciated.
This will be interesting and for those that believe in the power of prayer. Pray the actual rosary or however you want; Just hold it and meditate with it, pray other prayers you connect with … it’s up to you. Personally I love doing the rosary it’s calming and gets me into a very connected state. http://www.rosary-center.org/howto.htm Here is how to pray the rosary if you are not familiar.
This is just the beginning and let’s see where this goes!
Please feel free to post a comment and request a rosary below as well as email me. If you would not like a rosary you are welcome to post a comment of a positive nature. Any negative comments will be deleted … this is not the place for it.
I personally will infuse the rosaries with my best intention for the most benevolent outcome for your requested blessings to come to fruition. This is just my spiritual intent I have placed on them and not through a religious request.
May your life be filled with Joy, Love, Peace, Abundance, Health and Positive Spirit.
Wishing you many Blessings!
~ Anna
My next blog post will be an introduction to the rosaries ictured above that will be the ones sent out.  Also, just learning the ropes with WordPress 🙂 Any questions please post in comments. Thank you for reading 🙂