‘Miracles are nothing less than the manifestation of the best situation that can be achieved when you believe it’s possible.’ ~ Anna Pereira

Let’s create blessings for you, your family, mankind and the universe! Together our prayers will create positive energy that will help to heal, create abundance, and allow you to manifest joy, love and all things positive.  

I am an artist, wife, animal lover and friend. I know that creating a positive environment for you inspires you to be inspiring toward others. My art speaks volumes as to whom I am.

I created this blog to spread blessings around the globe. I am spiritual and believe in the power of prayer and intention. Ten rosaries I purchased in Fatima Portugal will be sent out to ten people. I ask that you pray on the one you receive and pass it along to the next person. Please send me a message with what you have experienced and I will post to my blog. This blog will chronicle the travels of the 10 rosaries. Those of you who have received them prayed and sent on to the next person, I will tell your story in this blog.

I am not claiming to make miracles happen, I just felt inspired to do this based on a ‘pay it forward’ feeling I had.

I am truly very blessed and wish the same for you.