Circles of Inspiration Handmade Jewelry by Anna Pereira

Circles of Inspiration Handmade Jewelry by Anna Pereira

Hello Everyone! First I want to apologise for not posting in SO so long…. I am going to be honest and get to the point… I had become a little discouraged with my initiative. 😦  My intentions here were to create a ‘pay it forward’ blessings movement of which one request was to have the participant send me a brief story of their personal account with the rosary.

Many rosaries were sent out and many passed hands. I reached out to the recipients from time to time to check in and some participated actively, others intended to begin and others had finished their missions and passed along to the next person on the list. I would request the stories and had little success in receiving them… Others clung to their rosary and expressed they would participate … in the end everything kind of piddled out.

I was disappointed as I was inspired to create a movement that in no way benefited me financially (Actually, it was an investment on my end as I purchased the rosaries and they were sent out free and this is not a profit making blog, no ads, just a place to get inspired, find hope & believe.) The way I benefited was by being a conduit for blessings to manifest for people around the world. When the participation was not there, my energy was diminished and I backed off.

So here I am, and that is the update. Blessings Go Round the initiative has ceased and may or may not start back up… time will tell. In the end, for whatever reason I was inspired to start this initiative, I hope it did what it was supposed to do for whoever needed it 🙂

As my inspiration leads me down different paths, I have a new venture! Last year I designs these inspirational charms as I am an artist and house wife in a different country, my opportunities are limited for getting out and doing something, also, limited to what I can create based on available supplies. So I started doing jewelry! After making my ‘test’ ones … Everyone asked to purchase and through the holidays last year I sold several.

The Significance Of Believe In Coral Pink
They say that belief lives in the heart and not the mind. This charm combines the powerful ‘Believe’ word with pinks and corals which activate the heart center, open up our sense of trust in what we truly believe in, and cultivate more love for us to feel while our beliefs turn into our realities.
As A Gift: The gift of a coral pink ‘Believe’ charm reminds the receiver that the answers to all problems and the source of all energy are within the heart. This gift inspires the individual to trust themselves and the power they hold within.

Having had a line of hand painted t-shirts, I always said I will never have my own business again.. solo. The stress, money, time and work it takes gives me anxiety just thinking about it! But for some strange reason I was inspired to go forward and turn these charms into a full line of jewelry! I call them Circles of Inspiration 🙂

I make them with inspiring words in significant colors reflecting dynamics that help bring out certain attributes for a most positive experience wearing them for specific reasons. My offering contains: Love, Blessed, Believe, Journey, Bliss, Dream, Namaste, Serenity, Fearless and more. I handpaint each and every one! (Video is on my home page of my website)

So that’s where I have been and where I am going. I have a Facebook page full if wonderful inspiring posts and updates on Circles of Inspiration Handmade Jewelry. My new website is & My inspirational blog related to my jewelry is I post lots of inspiring posters daily 🙂 Here is one I created with my own photo.

Thank you for reading my post and I wish you blessings of peace, love, joy and success.