This is my second entry about the experiences of everyday people who have prayed on a Blessings Go Round Fatima rosary.

This entry happens to be written by my personal friend Donna. I met Donna a few years ago while doing craft shows. She is a jewelry designer and much, much more. I was so attracted to her positive spirit and she conveyed this in her jewelry designs. She created inspiring pieces with the theme of the chakras and her unique designs using natural stones, glass and crystal beads really made her jewelry stand out. She is a truly beautiful person and I am so blessed to have become friends with her.

Donna prayed on a rosary for a few weeks. When I asked for her experience here is what she gave me, unedited:

You sent me an email saying that you can’t wait to hear my “inspiring” story. To inspire: to do or feel something, to create, animate with a feeling, instill into a person…these are all meanings of inspire!

You have done this Anna, you have done this just by sending the rosary for me to feel, to create, to do something.

I believe everything happens for a reason and time will always tell. We may not always understand or agree, but God does not give us what we cannot handle. I am an artist at heart, I went to college for art and dance and yet my occupation is in the medical field. 

I do still creative jewelry and I dance but both are my hobbies not for financial support.

They say women in their forties have found themselves and know what they want. Even before I received the rosary I knew what my intentions for it would be. I have been in a job for the last 4 1/2 years that has not been ideal. I am the last person who enjoys complaining, but this was a very hostile working environment. I have been trying to find a new job and praying for peace since I started working there. Most of us know, finding a new job isn’t so easy these days.

My time spent with the rosary gave me the answers that I was looking for. Funny how events would happen after I started praying on the rosary that showed human resources the pain that I was suffering. My mind and heart felt more open with the rosary, more aware. I actually felt stronger. I have read the book “The Secret” and I do believe in mind over matter. The rosary helped me with that belief. The rosary was the extra strength that I needed.

I was offered a severance package. Finally, a new Human Resources employee came to my aid. There was nowhere else for me to go, there were no other jobs within the company, but there was this package. Would you take it? Would you stay where you felt sick to your stomach everyday or would you thank the rosary and run?

I know it was the rosary that helped and I am so blessed. I have a beautiful family, friends and the most loving boyfriend that a girl could ask for.

What we attract in life, is what we truly desire, what we know we deserve. I met Anna for a reason, people are always in our life for a reason.

I will find a job or maybe my artistic talent will not just be my hobby anymore. I know everything will work out. I have always had faith and now it is even stronger.

Thank you Anna for the rosary, for the blessings. I hope you continue to inspire people, I know I will.

Your blessed friend,


She is so blessed 🙂 I hope Donna’s story inspires you as it has me! Thank you again Donna for sharing your story I am sure many people will enjoy it and find their courage to have strength, faith and know all will work out if you believe.

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