Well all 10 rosary bead chains have been claimed and 5 have been mailed out, the other 5 will go out at the end of this week. I am so happy that this initiative to pray and pass on the blessings is being so well received! It is heartwarming and a true testament of faith that people want to improve their own lives as well as those of others – perhaps even of strangers. What a blessing!


Please see my first post. I am beginning my list of who will receive the rosaries once the people who have them now have completed with their time with them.

Even if you do not participate in this initiative, please pray. Right now, pray for the wellbeing of the world, those suffering and those especially in Japan. Being safe in your home, with a bed at night and food at your fingertips, fresh wather and even the luxury of having a bathroom to use, we sometime take forgranted the blessings that surround us. Give thanks.


~~~Have a most Blessed day!~~~